Rina Hasani (9d) hat im Englischunterricht eine Kurzgeschichte verfasst. Die Aufgabe bestand darin, zu einer gegebenen Idee (aus dem Englischbuch in der Unit zu Australien, Greenline 5, S. 20) eine eigene Shortstory zu schreiben.

Hier ist die Idee aus dem Englischbuch: It was the first weekend of the summer holidays, and we were excited. Four good friends on their first road trip into the outback! No parents for a week! It was my best friend Donavan (the star rugby player), Dani (his nice but princess-like girlfriend), Ruby (my girlfriend and the school‘s cleverest girl) and me, Angelo. I‘ve always been quite the worry wart, and I wasn‘t sure this road trip was the best idea. Two guys and two girls – was this going to work in the outback? But it was summer, school was over, so I didn‘t care. I should have. Four friends left together on that Sunday, and four friends returned to Sydney a week later. But not the same four people ...

Und hier ist Rinas Geschichte. Viel Spaß!

The Arrow

by Rina Hasani

“Baby, this is what you came for! Lightning strikes every time she moves!”

The friends were driving through Australia and having the time of their lives. Donovan was the driver, while Ruby and Dani jammed to every song that played on the radio. Every time a new song started to play they'd claim that it was ‘their song’ and started to scream the lyrics at the top of their lungs. Angelo just shook his head and grinned, because that was so typical of them. Once the two girls were reunited, they would always get hyped and do unimaginable things together. They were best friends even though they were two completely different persons. Dani was one of the most popular girls. She always followed the latest trends, knew what was up in Hollywood and had quite a crowd of friends. She was the outgoing girl, who knew everyone and who was adored by many. If there was gossip, she was the first to know. And then there was Ruby. Ruby was the typical nerd, only she was smarter. She liked to read a lot, would always get good grades and liked to spend her free time staying at home and doing something productive. She didn't really care about her reputation. Why should she? She didn't need to prove anything to anyone, but herself. Those people didn’t have a say in her life and wouldn’t enrich her being in any way possible. She refused to live her life the way society would want her to and she also refused to stay with anyone just to prevent being alone, what made her absolutely independent. So, how did these two girls even got along? Well, what do they say? Opposites do attract. It is hard to explain, but their friendship was something enchanting. Dani and Ruby had been friends since the very beginning and they completed each other like a puzzle. After Angelo and Ruby became a couple he was afraid Dani would be one of those conceited, arrogant girls, but she shocked him positively with her warm and welcoming personality. They became friends quickly and later Angelo became also friends with Dani’s boyfriend Donovan. Ruby would always force him to go on double dates with the other couple and that's how they got to know each other. Donovan, also called Donvy, was the star rugby player, but not as usually expected, a dumb athlete. He had a great sense of humour and was a loyal friend. And Angelo? Angelo was the kind-hearted person. If someone had a problem they would always go to him and ask for his help, since he had a different perspective of things. He was neutral and would never let preconceptions get in his way. But he was a worry wart, too.

With these people you could only be happy. Angelo predicted that they would spend a memorable week. Somehow he still felt some bad vibes, but he just shook them off. Little did he know that this was his big mistake.

* * * *

After the friends arrived at their destination, the Uluru, they started to build up their tent. The nature looked magnificently beautiful. So untouched. The air was pure and fresh. It felt like a blessing to their lungs and it made them happy.

They had so much fun that day, because the group simply did everything they wanted.

In the evening, they sat at the camp fire, roasted some marshmallows and – very stereotypically – told each other stories. Whether the stories where scary or just funny stories about some silly things, they were extremely entertaining.

At first they admittedly had some problems regarding the fire, considering that they forgot to bring a lighter, but solved them quickly thanks to Ruby. She luckily knew what it requires to make one with different utensils from the environment. When Donovan asked her how she could know of such a thing, she retorted that she attended a crash course before this road trip. Just in case something like this would happen. Dani giggled in response and mumbled: “Surprising? Not really.”

Suddenly, the friends heard rustling in the bushes and grew alert. What was hidden in the bush? They really wanted to stand up and look for themselves, but didn’t want to risk getting hurt. So they decided to ignore the sounds and keep talking. But then an arrow was shot and hit a tree. The friends nearly had a heart attack. Donvy was the first one to recover and investigated the arrow. He quickly noticed that a message was attached to it. After coming back to his friends, he showed them the message, but couldn’t decipher what was written there. Ruby recognized later that the words were from the language of the Aboriginals and was therefore able to understand what the Aboriginals wanted them to know. The message said: “Beware of the monsters of the night!” That was the moment when the friends knew something was entirely wrong. Who were the monsters of the night? Did they mean animals? They were curious. Angelo however, begged his friends to pack their stuff and get the hell out of this place, but unfortunately the friends wanted to find out so badly, what the Aboriginals were talking about, that they stayed. They went into their big tent and tried to stay awake as long as they needed to understand who the ‘monsters of the night’ actually were. Seems like they forgot the saying: “Curiosity killed the cat.”

* * * *

Everyone was asleep except Angelo. He couldn’t close his eyes, he didn’t dare to. The boy believed that if he gave in to his tiredness, he and his friends would be killed by the monsters. Maybe he was right or maybe he had just watched too many horror films and was paranoid.

The time went by so agonizingly slowly. It felt like pure torture. Angelo couldn’t wait for the sun to rise in order to feel something he craved the most. Relief. But then he wondered if they would even make it to the daylight. Was he being melodramatic? Did he have a justification to be so horrified? He wasn’t sure.

Suddenly, something blew the tent up. Angelo immediately started to scream and woke his friends from their deep slumber.

“What the fudge? Angelo, if you won’t shut the fu–”

Donovan's groggy voice was cut off as four dark persons came up to them and held the kids to the ground with supernatural power. The kids weren't able to even move an inch, which made them utterly terrified.

“Who are you?! What do you want from us?!”, cried Dani.

“Please, don’t hurt us! We don't want you any harm! We’re just here to spend our holidays!”, begged Angelo.

The monsters didn’t care. Without a warning, the group felt an immense pain in their heads that made them feel like someone put their brains on fire. They were paralysed, but at the same time it was like every bone in them broke. Sharp teeth were sunk into their necks and sucked them dry out of blood. That was when they understood: The monsters were brutal vampires and the kids were completely out of their minds that they had ignored the warning the Aboriginals had sent. They were so indescribably dumb. It was a shame. But, it was too late. They were being killed and could do nothing about it. Surprisingly, after they were sucked dry, they still weren’t dead. How was that possible? The vampires laughed maliciously and left. And the kids? The kids turned into vampires. They were turned into something they despised.

What were they supposed to do now?

Dani, Ruby and Donovan cried their hearts out. Regretting, that they hadn’t listened to Angelo. There was no one else to blame, but themselves.

They had gotten a warning, now they had to deal with the consequences.

Angelo on the other hand was sitting in a lonely corner, staring into space. His demeanour didn’t show a sign of emotion. But, looks can be deceiving. Inside of him, it looked absolutely different. The guilt he felt was unbearable. Angelo continuously asked himself why he had not been more stubborn. He knew something was wrong, he could have stopped this disaster.

All of them were devastated. The friends pitied themselves.

Until Dani had enough. She stood up and delivered a speech.

“Enough! Enough of this endless crying and whatever all of us are doing! I don't recognize us any more. I mean… I know what just happened isn't something you can take on the light shoulder, but we can't spend the rest of our lives hating ourselves for this mistake. Instead, we have to pick ourselves up and find a way to live with this obstacle. Yes, we should have been a bit smarter and used our brains, but we're just immature teenagers who couldn’t have known that something so terrible would happen to us! So, get up! We’re not the type of people who give up when life gets hard! We fight and do everything in our power to survive and live happily, no matter what!”

These encouraging words put a small smile on Donovan's lips. He got off the ground and positioned himself next to his beloved girlfriend.

Angelo and Ruby followed after him. Ruby engulfed Dani in a big hug.

“Thanks, I needed this. You're totally right! Uhm… guys? What are you waiting for?”

Donovan and Angelo were happy to obey and wrapped their hands around them, which caused the hug to become a big group hug.

The rest of the week, they learned how to deal with their new bodies and abilities.

The friends had faith that they could continue with their lives. They wouldn’t kill human beings, but animals. Well, Dani couldn’t. She was a vegetarian. So, she lived from blood bags. Sunlight didn't hurt them, thankfully, that was just a myth. After the week was finished, they packed their stuff and drove all the way back to their homes. Of course, the kids would never recover from this trauma. It would follow them wherever they went. But they were willing to fight this battle. And who knows? Maybe they would even win it.

“At least the trip really is memorable...“, said Donavan.

The End.